Creighton is a sweet and cheerful 4 year old boy with a diagnosis of Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy following cardiac arrest at 12 months of age which lead to spasticity and developmental delays. Despite this, Creighton has progressed in many areas of his development and his family has ensured that he continues to participate in all their families’ engagement and activities. Creighton loves using different pieces of equipment, exploring switch-access toys, swimming and attending his sibling’s soccer games!

During past summers, in order to attend community outings or watch his siblings play soccer, Creighton was placed in a bath seat. This put Creighton at a low height (on the ground), away from his family and did not allow him the ability to interact easily with his loved ones or his environment. Prior to this summer starting, Creighton’s family reached out to Variety in hopes of securing funding for a much better suited, but more expensive, piece of equipment, a Chill-Out Chair.

Creighton’s new Chill-Out Chair not only makes community outings better but allows Creighton’s muscle tone to decrease and his muscles to relax, so that he can easily watch his sibling’s soccer game or spend time at home safely, without being strapped into an upright position. The Chill-Out Chair is also waterproof and comes with all-terrain wheels so Creighton can participate in fun outdoor activities and even head to the beach with his family. Variety was so excited to get some photos of Creighton spending time outdoors and cheering on his siblings in his new chair!

Special Thanks to Freedom Concepts for donating this awesome Chill-Out Chair to Variety for Creighton! Because of their support we are able to help more kids like Creighton right here in Manitoba.

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