$70 of $2,000 raised

Age: 14

Diagnosis: Autism, ADHD

Request: Academic Tutoring (6 months), Out on the Town Program (6 months)

Since Variety Manitoba began supporting fourteen-year-old Jack, who is living with Austism, a year ago, his family has noticed a big difference in him. Jack’s Mom has told us “The difference Variety made in Jack’s life this past year was truly significant. We saw his confidence start to grow as he developed his social skills in the Out on the Town Program and was even able to start doing some activities independently such as being left home alone for short periods, walking to the corner store with a friend to purchase a soda.” This past year Jack began high school, and with that comes an increase in expectations. By continuing with Academic Tutoring, Jack would benefit from support in the areas of time management, study skills and organizational strategies. Make a difference in Jack’s life by donating towards his Academic Tutoring and Out on the Town Programming today!

Total Amount needed: $2000

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