Empowering Freedom with Mobility

Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba has been dedicated to helping children with special needs in our province since 1978. To date, Variety has raised over 30 million and has helped over 800,000 children in Manitoba reach their full potential. 2018 will mark Variety’s 40th anniversary year in Manitoba, and we want to soar to new heights by reaching even more children through our Variety’s Special Needs Program.

Variety’s Special Needs Program is dedicated to meeting the tangible needs of children with special needs in our province. Our program provides funding to children under 18 who are physically and/or developmentally disabled, and/or who are impacted by social economic issues.  Our aim with our program is to create equal opportunities, and to remove barriers that will make things easier for the child and family to cope.  Variety’s mandate is to step in where health care funding ends to provide direct assistance, and empower and improve the quality of life for children in Manitoba, specifically focusing work in these three areas:

  • Supporting Health
  • Championing Ability
  • Nurturing Development

Variety’s Special Needs Program provides the direct financial assistance in the purchase of mobility equipment, wheelchair accessible modifications, assistive technology, physical or speech therapy and so much more.  Questions or for more information about Variety’s Special Needs Program please call our Program & Outreach Coordinator at (204) 982-1052.

To apply for this program please click on the red Short Form Application button at the top to download program Guidelines and Application Form.

Variety Children's Charity Manitoba