Special Needs Program Funding

In 1978 the Special Needs Committee was set up to review requests for assistance for individual children. Variety’s mandate is to fund the immediate, tangible needs of children within the Province of Manitoba.

Throughout the years, our Special Needs Committee has approved funding for artificial eyes, specialized or adapted tricycles and bicycles, closed circuit readers, wheelchairs, hearing aids, walkers, iPads, computers and much more! Children from newborn to their 18th birthday are eligible, and must be a resident of Manitoba.  The Special Need qualifies in the category of medical, physical, developmental, cognitive, social, and emotional as recognized by a designated professional and/or where the family is unable to financially afford the item, service or therapy required.

The application process is very straightforward. Applicants are notified upon receipt of their application and advised when our Committee will be reviewing their request. Each application is reviewed individually on a quarterly basis by Variety’s Committee comprised of our CEO, Special Needs Coordinator, and four members of our Board of Directors.

Variety is looking forward to meeting more needs among Manitoba’s children, with plans to expand this program. Funding of individual requests ranges from $100.00 up to a maximum of $5,000.00 based on funding availability.

Requests should be made in writing (mailed or faxed), clearly outlining the child’s situation, the assistance required and specific information about the costs involved. In other words, Variety expects families to research costs carefully, rather than simply asking for $2,500.00 for a computer. Supporting documents are required as part of all applications.  A minimum of two specific current price quotes and/or Therapy Plan from potential suppliers must be attached to your application.  Your request should also be supported by a letter of justification from a health or other professional, such as a doctor, dentist, occupational or physiotherapist, school principal or resource teacher, if applicable.

Variety will NOT reimburse or pay for items, services or therapies purchased prior to our approval.  Variety pays on invoice directly to the supplier or service provider in Canadian funds and only up to the allotment we approve.  All approvals are confirmed in writing. Variety Manitoba does not fund research, travel, prescription medication, respite care, education or service dogs.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please call Variety’s Special Needs Coordinator, Amanda Henry at 204.471-0488.

Please forward your completed application with all supporting documentation to:

Variety’s Special Needs Committee
#2 – 1313 Border Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3H 0X4

Applications may also be emailed to [email protected].

Variety Children's Charity Manitoba