Mobility Day

Meet Shaya

“So Shaya absolutely loves her new walker. Even though she has no words yet the look on her face when I put her in the walker for the first time spoke volumes. I’m sure it went something like MOM! Is this for me?!!! Yes!! Thank you so much for everything you guys do for our family. It’s an amazing feeling to have someone on our side that understands the struggles we go through on a daily basis and is there to help.”

Shaya has grown a lot in the last and by the end of 2018 had outgrown all of her equipment including her mobility aids. This growth spurt meant her current walker had become dangerous for her to use.
Shaya trialed two walkers this winter and the kid walk walker seemed to be the best fit for her. It provided the necessary support for her hyperactive movements in a safe way and was able to propel herself in a walking position the best that she ever has!  Unfortunately, this walker was not covered and is quite costly.

Shaya received her new walker from Variety in May 2019 and with her favourite music playing in the background completed the length of a hallway. With this gift of mobility Shaya can move independently and interact with other kids at daycare.


In 2017/2018 Variety Manitoba provided $142,148 worth of life-changing equipment and services for mobility and inclusion.


Meet Griffin

Griffin is living with Retinitis Pigmentosa a genetic disorder that of the eyes that causes loss of vision. When his family learned of his vision loss, it made sense why it had been really difficult for Griffin to learn to ride a bike. For years, Griffin missed opportunities to be with his friends because of his lack of skill. He was embarrassed to participate in bike ridership day at school or his local bike parade because he was still using training wheels. He often would get left behind because other kids his age were off enjoying the freedom of their bikes and Griffin just couldn’t keep up.

Variety gifted Griffin with a new bike adapted to his needs just when the snow began to melt. Now with this gift of mobility, Griffin can be physically active in a safe way, go off on bike rides with his friends and feel included just like any other kid!


Variety Manitoba helps more than 3500 children a year overcome challenges.


Meet Thomas

Thomas is living with a rare genetic disorder and due to the nature of his function requires a seating system that is very supportive and can help him get from one room in house to another easily. The Special Tomato seat allows Thomas to work on his trunk and head control on his good days and the times when Thomas requires more support, the chair can be tilted back and an 8 point harness can be put on. This seat allows Thomas to eat at the table with his family and be lowered down to play in the living room with his siblings. The high low moveable base ensures Thomas can feel included in multiple settings throughout the day while keeping him safe.


Meet Evan

Meet the DeVries Family

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