Isabel's Story

Isabel (Izzy) came to us via emergency C-section when doctors discovered she was in distress and dying in my womb. Many have heard the expression “He’s got the whole world in His hands”… well, being born at 27 weeks gestation, we were given a literal experience of this when we saw how tiny our Izzy was.  She weighed 1 lb. 5 oz. (648 grams) and could fit in the palm of our hands!

Despite her severely under-developed lungs, she showed her determination by defying the odds and giving out three tiny cries at her birth.  What a feisty spirit!  She may have only weighed 648 grams but she seemed larger than life.

Fears and questions of the unknown circled like vultures as we helplessly watched our baby fight for her life.  It felt like a race against time and we could do nothing but throw our hands up in a humbled cry for mercy, for help, for comfort, anything tangible!  To our surprise, beauty came in the most unexpected ways… comfort through a cry of distress, compassion through a cry for mercy, and a miracle through what seemed impossible.

And that is our Izzy.

Izzy woke something in our hearts that we never knew was there and an instinct to be her voice, to fight for her needs and her life came alive like some hidden hibernating bear.

Today, Izzy depends on us completely for every aspect of her life including her g-tube feedings, diapering, meds administration, and mobility.  We’ve been richly blessed in our ability to build a main floor addition with a wheelchair ramp, a main floor bedroom with lift system and a custom 10-foot wheel-in shower.  While Izzy’s medical needs can seem extensive, the reward of seeing her big toothy grin strengthens us to seek each one out with determination and without delay!  But sometimes our resources are exhausted and we find ourselves crying out for help.

Cue in Variety!

Thanks to Variety, our family is now able to transport Izzy in a custom Convaid Cruiser stroller with tie-downs allowing us to:

  1. Transport her safely in our modified van
  2. The canopy protects Izzy from the sun and her inability to sweat
  3. Her five siblings and two step-siblings can easily move her around to include her in family walks, zoo visits, movie excursions, etc…

Not only has our family been blessed by Variety’s assistance in funding Izzy’s stroller, but we were also blessed by meeting all the staff on pick-up day where we were greeted with warm hugs, big smiles and sincere words of encouragement.  We have also gained a family network.

Indeed, blessings continue to come to us through a humbled cry for help!

  • Story by Parents Rita & Duane

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