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Please read the story of the very courageous Kay-Lyn (KK) and how Variety was able to help meet some of her needs. KK’s Army

On Monday June 5th, Kay-Lyn Baldwin a 15 year old grade ten student at College St. Norbert Collegiate came home from school with a sore throat. Lori Baldwin (Kay-Lyn’s mom) and Brendan Baldwin (Kay-Lyn’s oldest brother) took Kay-Lyn to the family doctor to have her throat checked out. The doctor was unsure about the cause of her sore throat, and sent her in for testing. The tests were completed and the family went about the rest of their day.

Later in the day, Kay-Lyn and her family returned home. While eating dinner and getting ready to attend Brendan’s baseball game, Lori recieved a phone call from the doctors telling her to take Kay-Lyn to Health Sciences Centre right away.

Kay-Lyn, Lori, and Sean (Kay-Lyn’s dad) took off for the Health Sciences Centre immediately. Upon arrival, Kay-Lyn was admitted for more testing while her brothers Brendan and Jeremy arrived at the hospital. Through these tests the doctors discovered that Kay-Lyn had leukaemia. Kay-Lyn spent the night at the Health Sciences Centre knowing she had leukaemia, but unsure of what type.

Tuesday June 6th, Kay-Lyn continued further testing which included a spinal tap and bone marrow tests. The doctors discovered leukaemia cells through Kay-Lyn’s spinal tap.

Wednesday June 7th, the testing for leukaemia in Kay-Lyn’s body continued. After this testing, the doctors discovered Kay-Lyn had tested positive for two different types of leukaemia; advanced AML and advanced ALL leukemia.

Kay-Lyn has begun her tough journey with chemotherapy. The doctors stated Kay-Lyn will be needing 24-28 months of aggressive chemo.

Kay-Lyn is a remarkable young lady. Kay-Lyn plays club volleyball and enjoys going to the lake and mudding with her brothers and friends. She loves helping others. Kay-Lyn volunteers at a local daycare in St. Adolphe, Manitoba throughout the summers.

The Baldwin’s run a family business and their resources will be stressed while they help support Kay-Lyn through this stressful time.

Variety was honoured to provide a MacBook Air to Kay-Lyn, to help with her schoolwork while she battles Leukaemia. Pictured is: Jeff Liba, CEO, Variety and Sean Baldwin, Kay-Lyn’s dad. Plus, Kay-Lyn receiving her MacBook Air

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