Variety Wins Prestigious Heart Award at International Conference

Variety, the Children’s of Manitoba – Tent 58 is the proud recipient of the coveted International Heart Award ($1-3 million category) from Variety International.  This great accolade emerged at the 2017 Variety International Conference that was held in Atlanta, Georgia from May 3-6, 2017. The Heart Award is granted to a Variety Tent that has demonstrated a high level of performance in successful non-profit organizational business planning, methodology and results which grants them the title of Best Variety Office in this category.  This honour is ultimately a collaborative effort from the Variety family which includes; staff, board, volunteers and Variety’s corporate and individual donors, and on the legacy left by Jerry Maslowsky and his passion for Variety as he lead the charity during this time.

Each year at the Variety International World Wide Conference, the Variety family consisting of staff from Variety offices all around the world, friends, supporters, volunteers, committee members and board members unite to further their mission share ideas, attend educational seminars and celebrate the successes Variety has made to help their offices grow and prosper to deliver their mission of granting children in their area a limitless future!

Variety is rooted in the history of show business with actors from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania taking care of an infant named Catherine, who was left on their doorstep back in 1928.  They took it upon themselves – this rogue group of entertainers – to look after her, and named her Catherine Variety Sheridan and found her a suitable family and funded her expenses and education.  To date, the organization has grown to include 41 Tents in 11 countries worldwide.

Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba continues in that mission of inspiring hope, enriching lives and building a better future for Manitoba’s children with special needs.  Families who find themselves managing unexpected challenges, whether developmental or physical, are grateful for this support which gives a child a childhood.  Since 1978, Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba has raised over $35 million in Manitoba and has touched the hearts of over 820,000 children through its Programming and Special Needs initiatives.

Variety Children's Charity Manitoba