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Your help as an Everyday Hero Sponsor is truly life-transforming. Because of you, a local child will have increased access to the same opportunities as other kids and a happier, healthier childhood.

As an Everyday Hero, you will help children gain access to urgently needed pieces of equipment and therapies.

Speech Therapy

All kids deserve the opportunity to be able to effectively communicate, with or without audible words. Speech therapy helps children enhance their ability to function in their day-to-day routine and establish relationships.

ABA Therapy

ABA therapy can be extremely helpful for kids with Autism. It improves their social skills, emotional behaviour, and ability to enjoy life. Every kid should be able to thrive and be happy.

Conductive Education

Conductive education is very beneficial for kids with motor and neurological disorders. Kids with this kind of disability require specific teaching and learning approaches, which will help them to succeed in day-to-day activities.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps special needs children to be more independent, participative, and capable of focusing on tasks. Also, it assists parents to properly help their kids, making their relationship as a family less challenging and the child life more comfortable.


Physiotherapy is essential for the improvement of the physical skills of special needs kids. It helps them maximize their potential, enhance their overall health, and reach their optimal functional ability.

Music Therapy

Each special need kid has their own challenges and particularities. Music therapy can be a very adaptable and fun way to support children in their speech, motor, and cognitive development. It also proved essential to motivate social interaction and behavioral improvements.

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