Variety’s Education Awards Program

Variety’s Post-Secondary Education Awards Program is available to students living with a disability that are currently attending or plan on attending post-secondary education to assist in removing the financial barriers to accessing Post-Secondary education for youth living with a permanent disability.

The Application deadline for the 2023 intake is June 30, 2023 at 4pm.

You can access the application here

Previous Award Recipient Thank Yous:


“The past few years have been incredibly hard on so many people. My family included. During the start of my studies my father suffered a stroke which left us struggling to afford health related items and pay our bills, this included my education. I ended up working three jobs during this time just to make ends meet and help my mother. I have mobility issues which I had surgeries for when I was younger but these have now progressed and arthritis has begun to form. I also deal with the day to day life of having ADHD, Anxiety and PTSD which I am comfortable to share because it helped lead me into my field. I am currently completing prerequisite courses for my dream degree. This award is life changing and will help me to be able to focus on my studies and worry less about needing to balance everything else while I focus on my studies to reach my dreams.”

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Variety for awarding me this generous and incredible award. I will be completing my final year of my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in April of 2023. This incredible award will help me learn and study in the final year of my degree more in depth about the different branches and fields I will want to work with and specialize in as a social worker”

“Completing my higher education has been a priority to me since I was a kid, my family has raised me in a way that made me plan my life based on education. I’m currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree with honors in management with a focus on organization, leadership, and international business at the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. I am so excited to receive this scholarship. It will definitely help take the financial stress off my shoulders.”

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