Variety’s Education Awards Program

Variety’s Post-Secondary Education Awards Program is available to students living with a disability that are currently attending or plan on attending post-secondary education to assist in removing the financial barriers to accessing Post-Secondary education for youth living with a permanent disability.

The Application deadline for the 2024 intake is June 30, 2024 at 4pm.

You can access the application here

Previous Award Recipients:


“This scholarship has given me the opportunity to cover costs related to my schooling so I can finally use my saved funds to purchase new hearing aids. These new hearing aids have given me more control over the quality and volume of sound, and with the new built in Bluetooth technology, I can streamline audio right to my hearing aids. By directly transmitting sound from my professors, I no longer have to worry about missing information in class. Overall, this school year has been filled with many great learning opportunities, interesting classes, and wonderful practicum placements. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the year! This scholarship has been such a blessing and has improved my learning in an unmeasurable amount. Thank you!”


“My studies are progressing, although with the expected challenges of transitioning from high school. Adapting to the university environment, class sizes, exams and creating effective study habits have been significant tasks for me. This adjustment is particularly challenging as a person living with autism. I want to express my deep gratitude for the financial support from your organization. This support has alleviated a considerable amount of anxiety associated with the financial burdens that students often face when covering the costs of higher education. Not only has it eased the burden of tuition, but it has also allowed me to redirect funds towards additional support for my studies and personal well-being.”


“This scholarship reduces any financial stresses that I may encounter, helping me to focus on school and not have to work during the school year. This not only reduces a physical burden but helps me gain more time to study as it’s challenging enough with ADHD. Not having to work has not only been a blessing for me, but for my parents as well as they haven’t had to pay for my tuition. I’m grateful to have been chosen for this award. The impact this organization is making, helping those financially and recognizing their mental resilience is amazing. Not every scholarship takes a holistic view of a person nor considers variables that may impact their life, like having an attention deficit disorder. Thank you once again for supporting me through this adventure.”

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