Alexis has already experienced more than her fair share of hardship. Born in Qatar, she was just 7 weeks old when she was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, followed shortly thereafter with a hernia repair operation. When Alexis was 7 months old, she and her family left Qatar to move to Flin Flon, Manitoba.

Unfortunately, Alexis began having seizures and was eventually diagnosed with multiple issues including Cerebral Palsy. Last year, Alexis had a GT Tube insertion because she had been struggling to meet normal weight and motor skill milestones.

Prior to Variety’s support, Alexis was fed 6 times a day using a large gravity system-feeding pump that was difficult to use outside of the family’s home, especially when they needed to make one of their frequent trips to Winnipeg to attend her medical appointments.

Variety was thrilled to fulfill the family’s request for a Kangaroo Joey feeding pump and backpack that was a quarter of the size of the previous pump. This new pump is carried in a special backpack so Alexis can feed away from home more conveniently.

Now, Alexis and her mom can travel to Winnipeg for medical appointments, join playgroups and leave the apartment with ease. In addition, the new feeding pump ensures Alexis is getting the nutrition she needs to catch up in her development.

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