Brody H.

Brody is a sweet and cheerful 2 year-old boy whose smile lights up any room!

Brody happens to be living with Cerebral Palsy, a visual impairment, a seizure disorder, and global developmental delay and is completely dependent on his family.

Despite this, Brody is very active and just wants to move.

After receiving a quote on the cost of an adaptive bike, Brody’s family realized they would not be able to purchase this piece of equipment on their own. They reached out to Variety in hopes of securing funding. They wanted to make Brody’s dream of independently riding a bicycle a reality.

It was a touching moment to gift this bike to Brody and his family during our Gold Heart Gala on April 14th. With funding through Variety’s Freedom Program, Brody now has the freedom to move on his own and enjoy the success of riding a bike just like any other child.

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