Community Events

What is a community event or community fundraising?

Community fundraising is an event or activity organized by an individual, company or community organization; it is not an official Variety Manitoba event but benefits the work, kids and families of Variety.

Be a leader in your community and raise funds for Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba! We would be delighted if you would chose to partner with us.

It is people like you that make our purpose strong and vibrant. Whether you are a Variety staff member, fundraising ambassador, volunteer, grateful child or family member, your support will deliver a meaningful impact.

Acting independently and with Variety Manitoba’s approval, community events are an important resource for raising funds to help us fund important programs in our community.

When you organize a community event, you’re not only raising money to support Variety – you are also raising awareness about us and the important work we do.

Please download our Community Events Fundraising Tool Kit to help you get started. It also contains lots of information on how to run a community event and gives you very helpful templates to do so.

To learn more or get help planning a Community Event for Variety’s kids, contact Ashley by email or call 204-982-1050.

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