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Age: 7

Diagnosis: Autism, ADHD

Request: ABA Therapy (6 months)

Thanks to weekly ABA therapy, seven-year-old Astrid saw huge improvements in her ability to express her needs, have conversations, and emotionally regulate. When in-person therapies were put on hold due to COVID-19, her family noticed a big regression – Astrid could not complete virtual sessions, and her coping and speech skills were no longer what they once were. Once she returned when services opened again (July 2020 with her therapists in proper PPE), Astrid’s family once again saw a big improvement, confirming the importance of continuing regular therapy sessions. By donating towards Astrid’s weekly ABA therapy, you will be helping Astrid’s ability to follow routines, tolerate social proximity and interactions, and support her overall development. Donate today!

Total Amount needed: $1400

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