Gold Heart Gala Highlights

The 2022 Gold Heart Gala, presented by Pratt’s Wholesale & Food Service, was one for the record books. Thanks to our amazing donors, sponsors, and guests, we were able to raise a fundraising record of one million dollars! Thank you for your continued support, each dollar received will directly help fund Manitoba children living with special needs.

Congratulations to Louis Trepel on being awarded Variety’s inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award! Thank you for a lifetime of hard work and dedication to Variety and countless other community organizations.

The memories created this evening will last a lifetime, be sure to watch the highlight videos below:

The Gold Heart Gala achieved the mission of raising funds, honouring Variety kids, and of course honouring Louis Trepel. Watch Louis’s Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance below:


Want to see more from the 2022 Gold Heart Gala? Click the links below to view the photo galleries from the event:

Photo Gallery 1

Photo Gallery 2 (Password: VarietyGuest2022)

Photo Gallery 3 (Password: VarietyGuest2022)

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