Variety’s Hometown Champions

We are thrilled to once again announce the continuation of our Hometown Champions campaign with Brady Oliveira sponsored by Monopoly Realty!

Our Variety Kids are going to be so excited to cheer him on for another season.

The objective of Variety’s Hometown Champions is to have a local professional athlete act as a brand ambassador and role model for Variety children to help motivate and inspire them to reach their potential. Brady and Monopoly Realty’s contribution last year made a huge difference in the lives of Variety’s kids.

Variety is proud Brady Oliveira is one of our Hometown Champions in Manitoba. In addition to all the accolades he has received during his high school and college careers, Brady has faced his share of adversity along the way; eventually becoming the starting running back for his hometown football team. In 2023 Brady became CFL’s Most Outstanding Canadian and rushed for 1,534 yards, the second most by a Canadian in a single season.

His kind and caring nature makes him a natural with children and an obvious choice to become our a Variety Hometown Champion.

 “I could not have asked for a better person for my son, Jaxon to look up to. Brady’s name is mentioned many times a day in our house. Jaxon comes home from school and watches games on YouTube. So grateful Brady has gifted Jaxon so much confidence within himself.” – Kristyn, Jaxon’s Mom

Are you interested in sponsoring Variety’s Hometown Champions campaign?

Download our Sponsorship Brochure to view the opportunities available. Alternatively we can customize a sponsorship, send us a message, email atavares@varietymanitoba.com, call or text Ashley at 204-999-7973 and we’ll be happy to help.




Thank you Brady Oliveira and Monopoly Realty for your generous support.


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