Variety originally began supporting Kaiden to attend classes at the Movement Centre in January 2018. In the last year, Kaiden has improved so much…

His mom wrote “over the past several months Kaiden has started to gain more independence in his life through increased mobility. He now scoots back with more strength; he has begun to roll over on his own and is starting to gain interest in crawling on his stomach. He is also increasing his proficiency in a walker which is allowing him to explore areas of his environment which he was previously unable to do. Kaiden’s ability to sit independently has also been improving. This fall he had pictures taken and he was able to sit in a chair unassisted for short periods of time allowing the photographer to take his picture. A year ago, he would have been unable to do this and would have slid out of the chair instead.”

Classes at the Movement Centre are not covered by government funding and although the centre offers programming at a subsidized rate, it is still quite costly for many families.

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