Meet Ethan

“Ethan is 7 years old and living with autism. He was fortunate enough to have support from Variety in gifting him with a communication device that he uses at home and school. He requests all his food items from there and he loves exploring the device itself to discover new things/words.

One day, he kept requesting canoe on the device, and I asked him what do you mean canoe? He then input minivan canoe, (we drive a mini van), so I asked if he wanted to go out in the minivan? He then input canoe again. I finally realized that he wants to go to tobogganing. We had just went tobogganing last weekend, and I guessed he was not able to find toboggan on the device so he found something that he thought that’s what it called.

He practiced a lot too during the summer holiday. Pictured below is an example that on a weekend morning, he showed me that he wanted to see his respite worker.

It is actually amazing he now has the tools to express himself and is able to and trying to communicate the best he can using the device. Thank you for giving him a voice and letting him share his thoughts to us.” – Ethan’s Parents


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