Michael has profound hearing loss and uses two cochlear implants. Children with severe to profound hearing loss use cochlear implants to access all sounds in speech frequencies. After limited benefit from hearing aids, Michael was referred in December 2011 for cochlear implant candidacy. After a children’s implant profile meeting in June 2012, it was decided that Michael would gain better access to sound with cochlear implants. In August 2012, Michael was successfully implanted bilaterally and wears his cochlear implants all waking hours. Cochlear implants have allowed Michael to develop speech and language skills that have made him able to participate in school and home life. Listening and talking at 9 years old is a big part of his life and using cochlear implants is the only way for him to continue on this path. Without proper functioning processors, Michael is completely deaf and unable to communicate with his family. Your support ensured Michael was able to get brand new functioning processors so he can continue to hear the world around him.

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