Musicals For Kids

Thank you to Rainbow Stage for gifting Variety with 40 tickets for our families to get out and experience ‘the hockey sweater’! The Hockey Sweater is a timeless Canadian story that has charmed generations. Now it comes to life on the Rainbow Stage as a spectacular, new family musical! Our families are so excited to see this classic story coming this June 30th to July 17th!

This past June, Variety families also had the pleasure of getting out to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory thanks to a gift from Showtime Productions! 100 golden tickets were given out to Variety families to see the wonderful show.

Take a look at the fun our families have been having on their nights out to these two amazing shows below!

Stay tuned this coming August for when our Variety families head out to see the Wonderful Wizard of OZ thanks again to Rainbow Stage!

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