Haylie is a very happy and loveable girl. She loves to be with her peers at school, go for walks in her wheelchair and just be outdoors. Haylie lives with epileptic grand mal seizures as well as myelin-deficiency disorder. She also has other unconfirmed issues related directly to her health and her ability. Her family has travelled throughout the country in hopes of finding more solutions and a potential cure. They travel to Winnipeg monthly to meet with several different doctors regarding Haylie and the next steps for her care.

At 10-years old and 60 pounds, getting Haylie in and out of bed, into the family’s van, her stroller, and her car seat is a huge challenge. Another challenge for Haylie’s family is getting her in and out of the house.

In early 2018, Haylie’s family received word that a wheelchair ramp would be funded for their family by Disability Health Supports Unit. This was wonderful news, however to make the ramp usable, the family needed their current door frame and front landing modified to ensure Haylie and her wheelchair would fit through the door at the same time.

Haylie’s family reached out to Variety in hopes we would help complete this remaining modification, so Haylie could easily go in and out of her home, subsequently reducing the amount of time her parents had to carry her and her wheelchair.

In late summer, Haylie was able to start using her new ramp!

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